Ladakh is a place with unmatched natural beauty accompanied by the purest form. The hues of blue skies, the white desert and big arid mountains will hypnotize you. The mountain ranges of the Karakoram that have glittering lakes is just like sitting in the lap of the heaven. Sun shining above the mountains from where rivers are flowing out is providing the heavenly view of Leh Ladakh. Delicious momos with the scenic beauty of surroundings will encourage you to opt for the Leh Ladakh package tour from Delhi. Visiting Leh Ladakh should be on your top priority to feel the warmth of nature’s beauty.

Spellbinding beauty

It is a place when the mind freezes and time stops as it is very hard to realize that the unparallel beauty is present in the country. Ladakh is the region in midst of the Karakoram and Himalayan mountain ranges along with the enchanting roadways, pleasant water bodies and clear skies. The beautiful landscape is bordered by the alpine desert. This view is something which will surely cherish you for your whole lifetime. One cannot miss this heavenly place that has rich culture as well. Individuals can choose any of the best tour packages for Leh Ladakh from Delhi.

Panging Lake is the favorite destination as its crystal clear water keeps changing color from light green to grey. The Tso Moriri lake is another scenic destination with tranquil beauty.

Get lost in yourself only

The place will make you forget all your gadgets and mobile. The surreal beauty will enchant you with valleys, monasteries and lakes.  The beauty of nature will encourage you to get into tune with nature. Zanskar Valley is famous for the beautiful landscapes and high mountains. Just sitting along the sides of the lakes will be the great moments in life. Discover some time with the family and friends.

Ride on the double-humped camel

Sand dunes on such high altitudes are a unique experience. The white desert is a home of double-humped camel. Riding on such creatures while admiring the surroundings will surely offer a greta feeling of peace in your heart. Choosing Leh Ladakh package tour from Delhi will give you an opportunity to live this experience.

Local Cuisines

Food is the best part of the traveling. Leh Ladakh offers mouthwatering local cuisines. The local restaurants and cafes serve delicious momos. Unique drinks of the place like soup as well as noodles make the perfect combination with cold weather. The signature dish of Ladakh is Chutagi. Veggies are the main constituents of the dumpling soup and this soup is a great appetizing and healthy dish. Butter tea is another specialty of Leh Ladakh. The popular culinary servings also include a wide range of mutton.

There are many Best Tour Packages for Leh Ladakh from Delhi. Individuals can choose any one it as per the choice and customize its itinerary. Make it adventurous or anything you want. Enjoy the wonderful view of Leh Ladakh.